Sustainable Tours Exploring Scotland’s Wild Landscapes and Culture

Our private, guided walking tours uncover the wild beauty of Scotland, from the Highlands to the islands. Enjoy good company and revitalising nature!

At Walk Wild Scotland we have been excited with the renewed sense of freedom and possibility that 2021 brought with it. After the many challenges of 2020, getting outdoors has never felt so good, nor so important.

The rejuvenation that comes with exploring the nature and wildlife of Scotland is truly unlike anything else! Hiking across the country’s unparalleled landscapes, enjoying unique moments, and forging new friendships is what motivates us and we’re pleased to be hard at work planning our upcoming tours.

In Scotland, you’re spoilt for choice when it comes to outdoor adventures, and with our tours, we endeavour to capture the diversity of this land and its culture. Offering walks at all levels of difficulty, we believe we have an option just right for anyone who is inspired to discover Scotland’s untamed countryside.

Whether you’ve never hiked in Scotland before, or are a seasoned hillwalker, our small, guided tours are the perfect place to meet new people while getting off the beaten path and rediscovering your wild side. And on our tours, you can rest assured that you have chosen to journey with a responsible, travel business dedicated to providing sustainable travel.

Hop between islands, traverse national parks, and uncover the stories of this enchanting land with Walk Wild Scotland!

Embrace the Revitalising Effects of Nature

There are few things in life more rewarding than swapping the bustle of the city for time spent outdoors, surrounded by the serenity of the wilderness and its harmonious soundscape. Sit on the banks of Loch Lomond and be calmed by the lapping of the waters. Enjoy the call of the birds as we set sail for the Hebridean isles. Unwind on some of Scotland’s most secluded, pristine beaches. Stand atop Munros to photograph breathtaking vistas and enjoy undulating trails through forest and woodland.

Our tours blend the health-giving benefits of hiking with the rest and relaxation inherent in time spent amidst nature.

The Satisfaction of Walking Wild

Even our easy to moderate hiking options provide travellers with a sense of satisfaction. Our tours cover an array of terrains and take in many notable cultural sites, such as neolithic standing stones and traditional Scottish tea rooms — by the end of the tour, you will have formed a meaningful connection with Scotland and its people. Strangers becoming friends and enjoying unique moments while savouring the wonders that the journey presents: this is what it’s all about. 

Only in Scotland can travellers experience such diversity of landscape across a few days, or even hours.

Scotland: Land of Stories

Scotland has produced some of the British Isles’s most famous storytellers. From Robert Louis Stevenson to Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, from the poetry of Carol Ann Duffy to the comedic yarn-spinning of Billy Connolly, it’s a land that stokes the imagination. On our tours, you will get to meet like-minded travellers as you cross dramatic stretches of country and we’ll be sure to embrace the local culture as we go, whether we’re sitting before a fire listening to traditional music or getting to know each other over a wee dram.

At Walk Wild, we journey at our own pace, never neglecting to embrace the moment, or failing to appreciate the beauty and peace of our surroundings.

For our guests who want to ease their way into hiking, we have options such as our ‘Four Islands – Arran and Holy Isle, Mull and Kerrera’ tour, which involves fairly easy walking throughout.

For the more advanced hikers, an option such as our ‘Magic Of The Western Isles – The Outer Hebrides’ tour will provide you with a satisfying challenge. 

Building Connections Through Travel

We believe travel is one of the best ways for people to come together and form meaningful connections. When we started as a women’s hiking tour company in the 1990s, we wanted to create travel experiences that enabled women to meet like-minded, adventure-loving hikers, share stories and enjoy good food together. And this way of doing things has remained with us, with our group tours never exceeding a capacity of eight. This way our groups can form lasting connections while travelling at a pace comfortable for all.
It is also our pleasure to create lasting relationships with the local business owners and members of the communities where we stay. We work closely with craftspeople, weavers, artists, musicians, local naturalists, and producers of delicious local food. It is these experiences that provide the authenticity we seek on our tours.

If you are searching for adventures, good company, and a time off the beaten track in some of the most astounding landscapes to be found anywhere in the world, we’d love for you to travel with us at Walk Wild Scotland!

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