Green Tourism

Ecotourism with Walk Wild Scotland

Your Green & Sustainable Walking Holiday

We are committed to responsible and sustainable tourism.
We operate a ‘leave no trace’ policy and are constantly striving to minimise our impact on the planet. We are members of leading accreditation body Green Tourism and have held the Green Tourism Silver Award since 2011.

Climate Emergency

The planet faces a climate emergency and we recognise the urgency of accelerating climate action in tourism.

We are committed to developing and adopting climate responsible practices and are signatories to the Tourism Climate Emergency Declaration Tourism Declares, working together to halve sector emissions by 2030.

Sustainable Communities, Authentic Experiences

We believe that tourism should be enriching and enhancing for all – both travellers and host communities. As a champion of responsible travel we work hard to invest in small local businesses and ensure we have a positive influence in the community. We weave authentic and memorable experiences into all our tours, working closely with local artisans, artists, and food & drink producers and more.

Environmental Protection & Learning

Participating in nature is fundamental to the Walk Wild Scotland experience. Our knowledgeable guides are passionate about conveying their deep understanding of, and respect for, our precious natural environment. We keep our group sizes small to ensure that we leave a limited footprint, and that our guests enjoy an intimate experience of the natural world.

Environmental Support & Initiative

We follow the principles of the international environmental initiative  ‘Leave no Trace’ and actively support environmental organisations Woodlands Trust, the John Muir Trust, Trees for Life and the Royal Society for the Protection of Birds.


Travelling to Scotland

Both Edinburgh and Glasgow are well connected to the European and international transport system. 

Travel by Train

We encourage flight free travel where possible.  If you can consider rail travel you may be surprised to find it faster than you might imagine. It can also be far more pleasant and enriching, bringing a feel of real travel and anticipation right from the moment you step out of your front door.

Find your train jouney on Eurostar, Interrail or Trainline, or take a look at the famous train travel website The Man in Seat 61. For any public transport enquiries within Scotland Traveline Scotland is at hand. If you would like more advice on travel by train, we will make every effort in providing relevant information, help and resources.

Travel by Plane

We appreciate that not everyone is able to travel by train.

So we invite you to consider offsetting your own carbon emissions with Atmosfair

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