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11We are a Scottish walking tour company specialising in walking holidays and cultural tours throughout the Scottish Highlands & Islands.

We are a Scottish walking tour company specialising in walking holidays and cultural tours throughout the Scottish Highlands & Islands.

Engaged in sustainable tourism, our small group tours offer a personal experience of Scotland’s wild nature and landscapes where you can feel safe in the hands of our qualified tour guides.

The company started in 2003 as ‘Walk Wild Loch Lomond’ providing walking day trips in the new National Park. Quickly demand took the business to the rest of Scotland.

Antje, Walk Wild’s founder and a seasoned traveller, came to explore Scotland in the 1990s and fell in love with the wilderness paradise she discovered on the edge of Europe. She has been guiding in Scotland for over 25 years and loves people, nature and roaming outdoors.

In her business, she is supported by an enthusiastic team of Scotland-inspired professionals and her trusting companion Jack, a well trained and fun-loving Scottish border collie.

We also offer guided tours in German. Read about our tours and holidays on our German website.

Small Personal Groups

Our small international groups of no more than 8 guests are perfectly sized for you to share those amazing experiences and enjoy your holiday in a personal and relaxed ambience. We design versatile and authentic tours for discering travellers who appreciate the comfort of a well planned and interesting journey in the company of an expert guide. Our small groups allow the care, flexibility and spontaneity which make your holiday truely special.

Womens Hiking Tours

We started out as a women only tour company back in the 1990s and we continue with great zest to offer special trips for women which include a more relaxed pace, time for tea, sharing stories and love for adventure. Find out more here …

Discovery – Wildlife, History, Culture

Taking time to ‘smell the heather’ is integral to our tours. Along the way, you’ll find there is more to landscapes than you might expect: ancient ruined settlements and mysterious stone circles are only some of the traces reflecting ways of life and traditions which are part of Scottish culture.

Sustainable Tourism

As our natural environments become more and more threatened by climate change and other human impact and local communities fight for existence we are fully committed to running a sustainable tourism business in the most responsible way we can: walking inevitably connects with nature and our knowledgeable guides are keen to convey a deeper understanding of and respect for the environment. We work closely with small local businesses, craftspeople, weavers, artists, musicians, local naturalists and those who provide the most delicious local foods. It is these experiences which provide the authentic spice to our tours. Find out more here …

Walk Wild Scotland is about exploring Scotland’s secret places and wild landscapes, discovering wildlife and nature as much as stories, heritage and history and connecting you with local culture and people. Naturally, we are active and passionate about all aspects relating to protecting our environment.

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